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Personalized service and attention are the hallmarks of satisfaction for people who bring their legal matters to the office of Long Beach Attorney Brandie Devall. Since she was first licensed to practice law in California, in 2006, Brandie has excelled in her compassionate treatment of clients who were struggling to resolve often complex legal issues. She provides exceptional knowledge of the law and outstanding customer service to each client. Unlike the experience typical of a big firm, at the Law Office of Brandie Devall, clients enjoy personal and ready access to Brandie throughout the legal processes they go through.

This law office serves people from a large area near Long Beach. We provide top quality legal services to people from many local counties, including: Angeles, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Fresno Counties. Our clients receive individualized attention from a highly experienced and qualified legal professional who works closely with them to set and achieve goals for success.

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A major portion of work we do for our clients involves obtaining benefits that they are due from government agencies and employers. Being injured on the job can be devastating on the worker and their family; help obtaining due benefits is needed quickly. Unfortunately, many people encounter long delays and denials when they try to obtain benefits without help from an experienced Social Security Attorney.

  • Injured Workers – When someone is injured on the job, they must deal with employers as well as government agencies to obtain needed benefits. We understand what is needed to obtain approvals and know how to win appeals when a claim has been denied.
  • Disability Benefits – Social Security, SSI and other benefits, including employer benefit programs, are essential programs that are designed to provide financial help until a worker recovers. Obtaining these benefits is not easy; we know what to provide employers and government agencies to speed up this process and gain approvals.
  • Social Security – Workers are entitled to Social Security benefits, including Disability, due to various reasons. The process can be long and confusing; we are very familiar with all these programs and can help you win benefits.

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We can help you win benefits you are entitled to. Get the help you need today from an experienced Social Security Attorney in Long Beach. Contact the Law Office of Brandie Devall, in Long Beach, CA, at 562-989-7000.