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Long Beach Disability Law Attorney

If you are injured or chronically ill and unable to work, you may qualify for disability benefits, such as Social Security Disability Insurance or VA disability. To maximize your chances of receiving these benefits, you need a qualified Long Beach Disability Law Attorney like Brandie Devall on your side.

Long Beach Trusts and Wills Attorney

Many people don't like to think about end-of-life financial planning. While trusts and wills are often associated with death, though, they are actually about the future. Planning what happens to your estate ensures that those you leave behind will be taken care of financially, that the assets you have worked so hard for throughout your life will be distributed to your loved ones in as you wish and in the best possible manner, so your family will have less to worry about once you're gone.

Long Beach Workers Compensation Attorney

When you've been injured at work, you have more to think about than just getting better. You have to worry about the shifts you will miss and the income you will lose, how you will pay your medical bills, and your daily living expenses while you recover. Ensuring you can pay your bills, and that you get adequate time for rehabilitation, is the entire point of workers compensation. So, if your employer is fighting your workers compensation claim, or you have been denied, you need a Long Beach workers compensation attorney who will fight for your rights and the money you need to get past your injury and on with your life.