Long Beach Workers Compensation Attorney

When you’ve been injured at work, you have more to think about than just getting better. You have to worry about the shifts you will miss and the income you will lose, how you will pay your medical bills, and your daily living expenses while you recover. Ensuring you can pay your bills, and that you get adequate time for rehabilitation, is the entire point of workers compensation. So, if your employer is fighting your workers compensation claim, or you have been denied, you need a Long Beach workers compensation attorney who will fight for your rights and the money you need to get past your injury and on with your life.

Workers Compensation Claims

The first thing you must do when you’ve been injured on the job is report the injury to your employer. Within 24 working hours, the employer has to provide you a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form, which must be filled out in order for you to file for benefits. On the form, you will fully explain your injury, how it happened, and why it is eligible for workers compensation, then return the form to your employer. The employer has a reasonable amount of time to make a determination on your claim (usually only a few days), after which they will approve or deny your claim.

California Workers Compensation Denial

While filling out a workers compensation claim form, and submitting supplementary documentation, is something most people can do on their own, if you claim is denied, it becomes a different matter. Getting compensation from an employer who doesn’t want to pay can be a daunting task, and knowing the right things to say, and the right documentation to submit to prove your case, can take a guiding hand. By hiring a workers compensation attorney to fight on your behalf, you get someone with experience in filing workers compensation claims and getting them approved.

Get Help from a Trusted Long Beach Attorney

Injured workers who have paid into social security and workers compensation insurance and need disability benefits after an injury deserve respect. Brandie Grover Devall is a Long Beach attorney with experience in getting denied workers compensation claims approved for her clients. She is available to help you throughout the entire workers compensation claim process, whether you are just filing or have been denied, and will represent you in your disability case with dedication and compassion.